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We have created the innex innovation lab to serve innovative talent with tools that combine design, technology and business.

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Design-driven innovation

Monguet Fierro, J.M. & Trejo Alex (2019)

Enginyeria de la Participació

Monguet Fierro, J.M., Trejo Alex & Tino Martí (2020 )

Future Design

Monguet Fierro, J.M., Trullols, Enric & Trejo, Alex (2022)


Monguet Fierro, J.M., Trejo Alex, Catta-Preta Michelle & Tino Martí (2022)


Monguet Fierro, J.M., Trejo Alex, Catta-Preta Michelle (2023)

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A team of experts on digital support to collective intelligence.

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