Collective Intelligence for decision-making in mammography screening

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence Rules to increase accuracy of health decisions.

The application of Collective Intelligence (CI) strategies may increase accuracy in medical decision-making. A study consisting in the application of CI techniques to mammography screening, allowed the aggregation of independent assessments of multiple radiologists into a single decision. Researchers found that, compared to single radiologists, CI rules application increased true positives (i.e., recalls of patients with cancer) and decreases false positives (i.e., recalls of patients without cancer). Moreover according with the study, CI-rules systematically outperform even the best-performing individual radiologist in the respective group.

CI techniques can be used to improve medical decision-making in a wider range of contexts, including many areas of diagnostic imaging and, more generally, diagnostic decisions that are based on the subjective interpretation of evidence.

Collective Intelligence Meets Medical Decision-Making. The Collective Outperforms the Best Radiologist. Max Wolf, Jens Krause, Patricia A. Carney, Andy Bogart, Ralf H. Kurvers. PLOS ONE, v. 10, no. 8, Aug. 2015, p. 1-10. Link



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