Health Consensus to assess chronic care

Health Consensus for chronic care

Health Consensus for chronic care

More than 800 professionals participating in a Health Consensus Online.

“Health Consensus for the Assessment of Chronic Care Programs” (HC-ACP) is an internet based application created to promote and facilitate the participation of health professionals in the definition of a set of indicators. The selected indicators would be used in the assessment of chronic care and the management of areas of improvement in the field. The first “Health Consensus” prototype of the application had been applied twice, first in the region of Catalonia, and in a second project in the context of the whole Spanish Health System. HC-ACP has collected contributions from more than 800 health professionals from around Spain including profiles in the fields of management, health care professional, health planning and quality assessment. The sytem allowed sharing and aggregating knowledge and clinical experience from a wide range of points of view using a Real Time Delphi method.

Health professionals felt that they were actually adding value to the job.

Besides the relevance and utility of the Health Consensus method, the action-research conducted to build the application proved its efficiency and effectiveness. Keeping health professionals involved in the processes of defining the models to assess the healthcare system has actually worked. The online “Health Consensus”method proposed has been accepted by participants who have expressed high levels of satisfaction during the participation process.

Assessment of Chronic Health Care through an internet consensus tool. (2015) Josep Mª Monguet, Alex Trejo, Tino Martí, Mireia Espallargues, Vicky Serra-Sutton, Joan Escarrabill. In “Handbook of Research on Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic. IGI Global”. Access 



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