Assessment of Chronic Health Care

Health Consensus was key to guarantee the success of a huge participation that allowed advancing in the assessment of chronic care programs.


Development of new tools for the evaluation of chronic care programs to help health institutions in their management.

A guiding line was the incorporation of clinical and professional knowledge in the design of the chronic care model and strategies.

Easy access to all the rounds of the participation process
Demographic and experience profile
Real Time delphi round




The evaluation of programs for the care of patients with chronic diseases is challenging because it involves evaluating complex interventions with multiple components, with highly variable intensity in the use of therapeutic instruments and interaction with many professionals and contexts, which are difficult to standardize.

Our Contribution

Development and application of a comprehensive online consensus tool bringing together a wide range of professionals.


Participation of a large group of professionals in different waves and rounds that begin with a list of more than 100 indicators and finishes with a limited list of 17.


550 Participants

238 Indicators

95% Reduction

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