Enhancing non technical skills

Using Health Consensus to guide healthcare managers to design and prioritise (collective) training strategies for Non-Technical Skills (NTS).


Testing the theoretical NTS model using a strategy of collective self-assessment among healthcare professionals involved in caring chronic patients. Two aspects were assessed, the current level of the team and its potential for improvement in each NTS.

Level of competence for Patient-centeredness care category
Level of competence for Relational competences category
Level of competence for Interprofessional organization and collaboration category


Hospital Clinic de Barcelona


Assess interpersonal and cognitive skills that encompass competences such as communication, teamwork, leadership, decision- making or situational awareness.

Our Contribution

Development of the technical tool for the consensus, implementation of the test and analysis of results.


NTS applied at individual level (patient-centric) outperform NTS applied at collective level (interprofessional collaboration) mainly due to the fact of individual training along all health professions studies.


170 Participants

19 Skills

18 Locations

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Martí, T., Monguet Fierro, J. M., Trejo Omeñaca, A., & Ecarrabill, J.
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