Nurse Prescription Consensus

The consensus highlights the convenience of nurse prescription. Nurses have a good level of support whereas physicians as a group don’t have a clear position.


With the participation of nurses, physicians and pharmacists, it has been conducted a consensus process about the need to manage prescription done by nurses. Prescriptions affect a list of particular health products and drugs. The implications of the regulation change are put in discussion, and a remarkable consensus is obtained.

Nurse prescription agreed benefits




Give a practical support to the current matter of regulation of nurse prescription. The focus of the consensus was to prepare the management and adoption of nurse prescription in the health system.

Our Contribution

  • Support in the design of the model of participation.
  • Technical development of the consensus process.


Creation of a tool to produce veritable expectations about the involvement of professionals in the forthcoming regulation that might allow nurses to write certain prescriptions.  

376 Participants

24 Experts

70% Participation

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