Team Equilibrium Management

A balanced team undertaking innovation projects has to share the weak and strong points of team members.


The “equilibrium” approach to configure creative teams provides criteria to decide how to distribute the roles and activities in a project between the members of a team. The system that allows a group of people to share, compare and aggregate their profiles using the “six hats model”, proposed by de Bono.

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Assess the weak and strong points of a team facilitating discussion among its members.

Our Contribution

Design of the model and technical development of the tool.


Reliable model that allows team mates to better adjust assignment of roles. In a first empiric exploration, with a group of design students, it’s interesting to look at the aggregated hexagon of the 60 people that highlights the natural creative bias of the group.


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Navarro, F., Rodrigues Martinez, J., Fierro Ma Monguet, J., & Trejo Omenaca, A.
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