How can innovation culture and tools be embedded into organizations and institutions?
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The job has to be done combining hands-on practice with mentoring and a partnership community that offers real-world experiential cases

Supporting health professionals involved in a process of innovation requires:

  • Facilitating the acquisition of skills for the conscious practice of innovation.
  • Switch to collective intelligence in the context of entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting cross-association with institutions, policy makers and knowledge centers.
  • Building a personal growth method and focus on the creation of a personal knowledge observation process.

Dintoolkit is a “dynamic task cartography” that goes from the rigorous analysis of opportunities to selling product-service.

Innovation Team

Setting the opportunity.

Business model & plan

Prototype & market trials

Fusion Of Ideas

In the creation of a new value proposition a lot of ideas are merged.

Innovation method

Innovation method and resources to turn ideas into plans and prototypes that will become new services and products.

Holistic Knowledge

Innovation opportunities require creative combination of technology, design and business.


Innovation Is the result of collaboration between people with different experiences and sensibilities.

Featured Areas

Collective Profile

Measure of individual and team creativity. A good and creative team must manage, as team, a balanced profile to optimise behaviour and contribution in order to facilitate efficiency and results during innovation projects.

Technology For Prototyping

Deconstruction of products and services to assess the value proposal and consider all drivers that impact a product-service to optimize design, technology and business model.

Forecasting scenarios

Consider the diverse possibilities in relation to the evolution of products and service innovation, predicting the impact of design tendencies, new technologies as well as socio-economic trends.

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