Health Consensus

An integrative approach to digital consensus empowering health professionals.

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HealthConsensus is a collective intelligence tool consisting of a web-based system inspired by the Delphi method and enhanced with digital features. The functionalities of HealthConsensus allow a variety of configurations that fits the peculiar needs of modified Delphi ecosystem customised for healthcare research and innovation.

HealthConsensus combines the three methods used in the medical, nursing, and health services research. These methods are: Delphi process, expert panel and consensus development conferencing.

Furthermore HealthConsensus offers new approaches combining Delphi, panels and conferences, with online capabilities, like real time feedback and crowd participation.

HealthConsensus introduces a breakthrough in health policy participation allowing thousands of participants to come along regardless of geographic and professional limitations. It also allows a qualitative participation through a transparent and instant participation outcome feedback as it has been tested to be an effective participation design

Decision Making

Despite decisions are in charge of someone, it's useful to consider everybody knowledge before choosing.

Priority Setting

Diversity in interest and sensibilities make it difficult to prioritise, especially in complex environments.

Knowledge Production

Tacit knowledge may be converted into explicit knowledge through consensus.


Consensus about future scenarios may help to assess risks as well as opportunities.

Collective Allignment

Consensus of objectives and models may improve the overall performance of the organisation

Main Features

Custom Scale Type

The customisation of answers allows adjusting HealthConsensus to any real time modified Delphi. Scales of questions can be parametrized, both in numerals and in semantic differentials. Questions can be illustrated with an interactive multimedia resource and grouped to facilitate participation.

Real Time feedback

The core innovation of real time Delphi studies is the instant calculation and delivery of results to participants. Real time results open new opportunities for the iteration and feedback as participants are able to respond, comment, or argue immediately, allowing direct feedback and almost endless iteration.

Results Stratification

HealthConsensus is capable of presenting the results associated to as many stratification criteria as profile data provided by the participants. People leading the consensus are able to see how the agreement or disagreement process is progressing and act accordingly to facilitate the discussion and sharing of conclusions.

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